Our 3-step approach:

  • Predict the sales gain from an improved allocation of the marketing budget and/or a new business strategy
  • Validate the sales gain using definitive market research and in-market testing
  • Replicate the sales gain across your campaigns, your business, your portfolio, your territories and, across time


RedRoute is a Marketing Effectiveness Agency.

We are a team of like-minded marketing professionals with a mission to ensure you win in the marketplace. We enable you to be sure, in advance, that people will want, rationally and emotionally, to choose your solutions to their needs more often than they choose your competitors.

In short, we work for, and help create, marketplace winners.

We achieve this objective by firstly bringing together all the most relevant internal and external data around your business and using Data Science to enable you to know how effective your marketing plans will be. Our models of marketing effectiveness – from pricing to advertising to digital – are data driven, accurate, and have been proven through hundreds of in-market tests. Instrumental to this is our key measure of the relative attractiveness of your offer: Effective Net Preference (ENP).

Secondly, we then use that knowledge to recommend how you can improve the effectiveness of your marketing programmes so they produce the highest level of sales and greatest level of profit with the lowest level of risk.

So you can be sure that your plans will achieve your business objectives and you know which levers you can pull, and by how much, to keep your business on track throughout the year.

Finally we work with you to replicate those gains, across brands, across territories, across categories.

Our data scientists have been providing data-driven decision support to industry leaders for more than a quarter of a century, on topics ranging from pricing and promotions, to media mix, digital strategy and social media. The value we add to our client’s businesses is worth millions every year.

In a Nutshell…

We will tell you if your marketing plans are going to achieve your sales and profit targets - and why.

And if they're not, we'll tell you what to do to get more people to prefer your solutions to their needs more of the time, and so make your marketing plans work even harder for the same budget.

In sum, we enable you to maximise the likelihood your marketing plans will succeed and your ROI.

Find Out More

Have a look at some of the services we provide or visit our specialist business practice web sites. You can also visit the Treasures section of our Corporate site for some useful free guides and insights. And myredroute.com provides a growing range of free-to-use online Apps that help you to see the wood from the trees. If you’d like to get in touch, just click here.


Our way of working

Making a rapid impact

Business leaders who want to make a rapid and significant improvement in their company’s bottom line typically have two key levers they can pull: reducing costs and/or increasing revenues.

Seeing how to reduce costs is often easier than seeing how to drive up revenues (other than by slashing prices) but unless cost reductions are done with extreme care they bring with them the very real danger that the quality of the product or service the company produces is also reduced, undermining future customer loyalty.

Worse still, the reduction in quality may go unnoticed or just be ignored because it “only affects a few customers” and “the cost savings outweigh the revenues lost”.

So although it takes more effort, finding ways to drive up revenue by better satisfying customer needs is almost always the better thing to do – gaining cost reductions as a consequence of better meeting customer needs rather than leaving product or service quality as a simple consequence of any implemented cost reductions.

Only doing what you need

Moreover, improving customer satisfaction does not require changing everything in the mix. As proven by the academic literature on the ‘theory of constraints’, you only have to find the one or two things that are holding you back from step-changing your effectiveness at meeting customer needs to have a dramatic impact on perceptions.

So, if you can use market research to find out the few key things that people really care about in the type of product or service you provide, and then use data analysis and modelling to understand the extent to which revenue would increase if you could make them easier to obtain and/or more valuable to the customer, then you will have created a non-price competitive advantage that will boost your business. Plus you will have much stronger control of your own destiny.

But if you invest time and money changing elements of the mix that have little impact on customer perceptions then you will waste that time and money and not get the bottom-line profit improvement that you need. Similarly, if you cut back on something that consumers care about without actually knowing you’re doing so, you put the future of the business at greater risk. Making sure you find the right insights and turn them into the best business opportunities is what we are all about.

Vox Pops are powerful motivators

The other key thing we do is provide companies with the emotional motivation to support the changes that are needed and follow them through. The arguments outlined above represent the rational approach but few, if any, decisions are rational.

To get support for change there always has to be an emotional drive and energy behind the initiative that only comes from stories, anecdotes and examples. Using focus groups was the traditional way to uncover such anecdotes from consumers. That is no longer the case. On-line research, blogs, twitters, and feedback sites now provide a ready-made source of powerful anecdotes that can motivate change.

Numbers alone cannot get emotional commitment to a project. Having objectively collected verbatim responses from real customers/consumers that illustrate where the problems lie, the potential value of new solutions, and the intensity of passion with which they hold these views is a powerful motivator that “proves” the proposed moves are right.

Analytical Intuition

Our complete approach, our combination of hard and soft data, of numerical and emotional justification, and research and analytics, provides you with this motivational imperative alongside the size of the prize. This drives a better prioritisation of your activities, better use of your scarce resources and better company performance - enduringly.