AIME Tracker Launched at CX Summit, London, Oct 15th & 16th 2014

Steve Messenger, Robert Whiteford and former Office Deport Business Insights Manager, Tony Dobbs, launched the RedRoute AIME Tracker service at the CX Summit in London on Oct 15th and 16th 2014.

AIME stands for Analysis and Improvement of Marketing Effectiveness and the AIME Tracker measures the most important brand metric you have never heard of – Effective Net Preference (ENP). This measure is predictive of future brand sales, customer loyalty, willingness to recommend and (hence also) future underlying average NPS performance.

Based on more than 15 years of analysis of combined market research and customer level transactional data – in sectors ranging from supermarket shopping to supersonic travel – the RedRoute ENP model of customer preference and loyalty is both very robust and extremely valuable.

Our launch presentation, which includes case study examples from supermarkets, office supplies, DIY home improvement, and telecoms, is available from the conference organisers via this web link or from the Treasures section of our corporate web site (it’s free to register and then simply view online by going to the Free Stuff tab and clicking on AIME Tracker Launch Presentation.

The AIME Tracker was very well received by the audience at the CX Summit with many delegates requesting further information because it is entirely consistent with the NPS approach and, like the NPS method, can be easily and cost-effectively deployed whilst providing maximum leverage. Moreover it can use data from any source or combination of sources: conventional surveys, Tweets and Social Media posts, call centre interactions, and customer emails. It provides the best, most well-structured and most comprehensive review of decision-maker opinion, compiled in a way that predicts actual future behaviour most reliably.

To find out some more about the methodology behind the service you can also view this training video.

If you are interested to know how it could be used in your own business then contact us.