Case Studies

Case studies

Before deciding to choose your brand rather than a competitor, any potential user of your goods or services will have appraised your brand (either consciously or sub-consciously) against the other options available to them. What’s more, we know that this appraisal will have taken place along five key dimensions which determine their overall opinion:

  • Relevancy (does this fit my need?)
  • Association (am I happy with the image and reputation of this brand?)
  • Accessibility (what effort is entailed in obtaining this?)
  • Value (is the reward worth the effort)
  • Expectation (what is the likelihood that I’ll be satisfied?)

Effective marketing is about ensuring your brand ticks all these boxes for as many people in your target group as you can. That is the way to maximising sales, profits and satisfaction.

Our marketing effectiveness consultancy services help our clients to both understand how their brands are performing on each of these dimensions and to know how to improve any that are lagging behind the competition.

Outlined below are some case examples of how this has worked in practice for our clients and the benefits they have obtained. We hope you find them interesting and would be delighted to help you emulate their successes for your own brands sometime soon!