Case Study

We enabled a leading UK B2B office supplies retailer to drive multi-million £ of extra sales driven by a needs-based customer segmentation.

Client situation

  • Client was a leading player in the B2B Office Services market
  • A catalogue/online business with c.450k customers & a turnover of £300m-£400m
  • Wide range of customers, from individuals through medium-sized/local to corporate
  • The business covered the complete range of Office requirements from Paper/Ink & Toner to kitchen consumables


  • The client used standard ways to segment customers to target marketing initiatives e.g. size, industry sector and spend.
  • Their marketing expenditure was not yielding the desired benefits
  • They had a declining revenue and customer base of 8%-10% p.a.
  • They believed they had an opportunity to seed-change the impact of Marketing if they better targeted clients based on attitudes and needs

What we did

  • We conducted Quantitative Research, based on which we created “Persona Groups” rooted in common needs and priorities of customers
  • We then identified what attributes of the offer were most important to improve for each Persona Group…
  • …and used these to help identify which specific initiatives and marketing incentives could be most effective for that Persona
  • Test vs Control analysis was conducted to evaluate the impact


  • Sales benefit of £18m from better targeted Marketing
  • Margin benefit huge multiple of Fees (25*)
  • New client capability to forecast impact of service and other initiatives on customer attitudes and behaviour

“The overall benefits of the RRI work were worth many millions of pounds a year”
– Director of BI and Research

Next steps

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