Case Study

We helped a major digital price comparison player deliver +£16m extra sales p.a. via brand media optimisation.

Client situation

  • Major player in UK online Price Comparison market
  • Spending +£50m on mix of ATL/Brand media and Direct Response (chiefly PPC)
  • Latter had risen from c.30% spend at launch to c>65%


  • Share decline: Brand weakening vs competition
  • Hypothesis that more ATL/Brand spend would help reverse this
  • But existing effectiveness analysis showed poor returns (c. 50p per £1 spend ATL in short term <6 months)
  • Critical need to accurately identify full Brand impacts

What we did

  • Econometric analysis of 7 years data in 4 key product channels covering all key internal and external drivers of sales
  • Detailed analysis of Media impacts: including the long term accumulative weight and brand equity benefits of brand investment
  • We proved ATL/Brand Media impact was c.£4 per £1 in long term i.e. 8x previous assumptions


Senior management had confidence to invest significantly more in ATL/Brand media and trust in the expected results.

Sales attributed to brand media increased £16m 2017 to 2019.

Incremental margin >10* multiple of RRI fees.

Next steps

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