Someone once told Schezzer that if you ask for the best you will probably get it.
And if you don’t you won’t.

Experience has shown this is (in the main) true.

Looking around the UK today it is easy to see many examples of people doing tasks less well than they should simply because they know they will get away with doing so. Unfortunately this has always been the case and is likely to ever be so. It is just human nature.

But what has changed in the UK over the past 20 years is a growth in the tolerance or acceptance of poor performance, and the decline of personal responsibility.

This may be an irreversible trend, and it well may an international trend, but it is lamentable as the natural outcome of this is that by the middle of this century the UK will indeed have become (as others have warned) close to a third world country in terms of the standards of care and service we can expect to achieve in every walk of life.

The RedRoute way is to reject that type of thinking and to strive at all times to deliver the best value for clients, and provide on-time – every time, delivery.
Schezzer believes that is the only way of creating a sustainable business.

If you think we are not adhering to those standards – we’ll gladly listen to your views at any time.