Who are we

RedRoute is a Marketing Effectiveness agency. Founded in 2007, we are based in London, UK, but we undertake assignments in many differing countries around the world.

We model marketing and market research data to maximize the return on investment (ROI) on business decision making.

Our Senior Directors are Steve Messenger, Richard Hey and Nick Carr. Associate Directors include Nick Adderley, Stephen Dent, Caroline Sharp, Andrew Smith, and Nigel Wood. All are highly skilled in providing decision support to the highest levels of senior management in both commercial and not-for-profit sectors. More about the backgrounds of each of our key people can be found on the business networking site, Linked-In.

RedRoute employs experienced data analysts, econometricians and market researchers to create highly effective, rapid-delivery, teams that provide both on-going and single-project support for our clients.

What we do

We enable companies to evaluate the most likely impacts of their potential business decisions on their future sales; market shares; customer, consumer and shopper numbers; and profitability. This lets our clients see which decisions will provide the most advantageous outcomes, over what time-frames, and by what means. It is a valuable asset that provides an inside track to success.

In other words, we show you how to maximise the returns on your marketing and customer/consumer-facing investments by enabling you to meet and exceed the expectations of your customers, consumers, employees and shareholders.

This means you know you are always making the best possible decision – and the increased benefits you obtain will dwarf (by many times over) the costs of using our support.

Typical types of problems we address

We evaluate the potential impacts of any business investment decisions that have implications for your customers, shoppers, consumers and members of staff. Our role is to tell you what those impacts are likely to be. Examples of some of the most frequent questions we address are:

  • most profitable level of advertising spend and lay down
  • best channel and media mix
  • best way to use social media
  • best marketing mix to ensure business plans are achieved
  • most profitable pricing strategy & tactics
  • how to maximise promotions effectiveness
  • what delivery options are needed to meet customer expectations
  • what delivery options will provide highest ROI
  • how to maximise customer & staff satisfaction & motivation
  • how best to increase favourable brand image and awareness

These are just a few of the range of topics that we cover. For more information, visit the How we do it page (note: currently in English only).

The nature of our solutions

We provide action-orientated solutions via both consultancy and decision-support software applications.

These solutions range from fully free-to-use, generic, online apps that can be used via both desktop and mobile devices like iPhone/iPad, to fully-tailored in-house solutions.

Review some example case studies (note: case studies may not yet be available in all languages).

See our generic online apps.

How we do it

Our core skill is Predictive Analytics which we use to combine, mine and model all kinds of data in order to provide you with the best possible insight into what will happen as a consequence of each investment option you could choose.

We use a structured approach that is based on over 30 years experience in modelling actual (i.e. real, in-market experience) customer, shopper, consumer and staff behaviour. To understand the tremendous depth of our practical experience in this area, visit the How we do it page.

Our approach is to understand the motivations behind behaviours – and these can be summarised as being driven by 5 key considerations:

  • Relevancy – Is this what i need?
  • Association – Are these the people I want it from?
  • Accessibility – How easy is it?
  • Value – Is it worth the cost?
  • Expectation – Will it do what it says on the tin?

This framework can be used to analyse expected behaviours in all situations. All that differs is the context and the data sources.

The product of these 5 drivers determines each person’s RAAVE® score – the outcome that is best for them given the range of options available and the costs and benefits associated with each one.

Understand RAAVE® and you can predict the most likely course of individual behaviour.

We then use this understanding to quantify the impacts of alternative investment decisions so we can tell you which is best – and why.

One example of this is how to optimise your mix of marketing communications. As shown below, the messages you deliver through each channel combine to determine the customer/consumer’s perceptions about your product/service. Their mix of attitudes and circumstances (the latter of which will also include information they have learned about you from other sources) will then determine how they are likely to respond.

We use all relevant internal and external data sources to create a database that enables us to model these processes and thereby evaluate your differing options.

The net result is that you know which one will be best for you and for your company / organisation.

To learn more about how we work, and the various academic and professional underpinnings to what we do, visit the How we do it section.

Who we work for

We work for people like you. People who are looking to make the wisest business choices based on the best available information analysed in the best possible way to yield the best possible insights and implications.

The people we work for may be the head of a large corporation, a Board of Directors, or simply working for themselves. They may be in the private or public sector. And they could be making decisions that are purely personal or ones that may affect the future of their company on a global scale.

They all, however, have one thing in common. They want to make the best, most successful, decision.

Here are a few examples of what they say about our support for them:

Other companies we have worked for include:

To read some case study examples please visit this link (note: case studies may not yet be available in all languages).

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