RedRoute On-the-Road! IPM Diploma Graduation Ceremony, Houses of Parliament, Nov 1st 2012

Continuing our recent Westminster theme, RedRoute Joint MD Steve Messenger attended the Graduation Ceremony for students of the IPM’s Diploma in Promotional Marketing held on the terrace of the Houses of Parliament on 1st November.

Both Steve and co-Director Ray Higgs are members of the teaching Faculty of the IPM and run the part of the Diploma course focusing on Market Research techniques for maximising promotions effectiveness and on How to Measure and Maximise Promotions Effectiveness.

Achievement of the IPM Diploma is a marketing industry recognised qualification and every year about 100 people pass through the course.

For more details about RedRoute’s best practice marketing courses run each year in conjunction with the IPM, visit our forthcoming events section or look in the Cookie Jar for more in-depth information.

The Great Hall at Westminster - dates from 1300 and the site of many notable events in British political history