RAAVE™ modelling and recommendations resulted in a new media campaign and messaging for a large UK retailer. The improved brand preference delivered c.£18m per year in extra sales.

Magnifies your brand values to deliver competitive edge

Creating Brand Preference & Advocacy

A service with a single aim: to predict the future usage of your brand. Proven in the marketplace for over 15 years, it is available in two versions: one focussed on Customer Experience for managing “Net Promoter Score” and the other on Brand Perceptions for managing “Brand Equity”. It maximises your marketing effectiveness by enabling you to measure and maximise marketing ROI without the need for complex statistical models and, in the case of NPS, by establishing unambiguously the link between your NPS score and your actual business performance.

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RAAVE™: What is it?

A Brand Experience research methodology that measures the buyer’s and/or user’s experience of your brand and predicts their future loyalty.

RAAVE™ identifies your key brand values and enables you to optimise your investment to drive brand preference and loyalty.

If you use a brand tracker, or have existing Usage & Attitude research, we can often use the data you already have to provide a level of predictive insight you are missing out on. Alternatively we can advise on how to bolster your existing surveys to enable them to predict the future sales performance of your brand – enhancing your knowledge of your brand’s dynamics and making you more money.

RAAVE™ allows you to…

  • Forecast your future long term brand share performance
  • Identify the prioritised strategies and actions needed to achieve your sales & profit targets
  • Underpin and strengthen your brand plans with hard evidence

RAAVE™: How it works

RedRoute’s RAAVE™ methodology combines ‘willingness to buy’ with ‘ability to buy’ to predict the market’s realistic ‘likelihood to buy’ your brand.

RAAVE™ measures the 5 key drivers of Brand Affinity – relevancy, association, accessibility, value and expectation (of satisfaction) – telling you what matters most to your buyers and/or users.

These drivers are further broken down into the key aspects that impact your business. This allows you to make targeted operational changes and monitor the difference that makes to the attitudes and behaviours of your buyers & users. Creating a virtuous circle of continuous improvement.

RAAVE™ also benchmarks your brand against the competition, making it a powerful tool for assessing the changes in preferences within your market and the reasons behind those changes – enabling you to make informed, proactive decisions rather than reactive ones, so you can lead the market, not just be forever playing catch-up.

An example of RAAVE™ benchmarking and predictive insight is shown below. The results are from a project conducted for a client in the business supplies market and proved tremendously beneficial in helping protect the brand from the share growth of the Challenger brands.

We often find that clients already have much or all of the data needed to use our RAAVE™ methodology but have never put it together in exactly the right way to reveal the predictive insights they need. They have lots of retrospective analysis but little about where it means the market is going. If that sounds familiar then please do get in touch for a free, non-obligation discussion.

Real results

RAAVE™ modelling and recommendations resulted in a new media campaign and messaging for a large UK retailer. The improved brand preference delivered c.£18m per year in extra sales.

RAAVE™: The Service Provided

All clients are unique, so the service we provide will be tailored to your specific needs. Most often this begins on an individual project basis before moving later either to an on-going contracted service arrangement and/or to providing you with assistance to take the new skills and capabilities in-house. For illustration, though, the typical work stages involved in developing the knowledge required to maximise marketing effectiveness & MROI are shown below.

In a nutshell, the RAAVE™ Brand Fitness Service will:

  • determine the expected future sales and/or usage success of your brand, product, good, or service
  • tell you what to improve on to reach even greater heights and/or defend against your competitors
  • and establish the long-term ROI you can expect to get from your marketing investments

This is done in a series of steps as follows:

  1. Measuring your current level of Brand Affinity.
    Using existing or newly gathered market research amongst your key target groups
  2. Predicting the future sales performance that you can expect your Brand Affinity will deliver.
    By measuring the relationship between Share of Wallet and Brand Affinity for your market
  3. Telling you which of the 5 RAAVE™ drivers to improve to outpace the competition.
    Via charts like Figure 1 below that show how you are scoring relative to your competitors
  4. Calculating the expected returns from making those investments.
    By measuring / predicting the impact of your marketing programmes as in Figure 2 below
  5. Leveraging one or more of our other services to maximise the impact of those changes.
    Such as Customer Targeting, Media Effectiveness, Price-Promo, and Shopper Marketing

To see an example RAAVE™ Debrief document, contact your nearest RedRoute Marketing Effectiveness Consultant.

Figure 1 shows Buyer Perceptions of differing brands in the Washing Detergent market for a single European country. The data shows the percentage of people agreeing that the brand is suitable for purpose (Relevant), that they would be proud to use that brand (Association), that the brand is readily available (Accessibility), provides good value for money (Value) and can be trusted to do what it says it will do with no disappointment (Expectation of Satisfaction).

As would expected, the Market Leading brand (Yellow line) out-scored the average performance rest of the brands in the market (Blue line) in all respects.

The RAAVE™ analysis found that our client’s Challenger brand had significant disadvantages on the aspects of Relevancy, Value and Expectation (Red line) and a significant product improvement programme was put in place to change its fragrance, cleaning effectiveness and price positioning.

One year after the re-launch perceptions had been shifted substantially (Green line), so much so the brand’s overall RAAVE™ Score, was now on a par with the brand leader. This led to substantial increases in market share, with the gains in-line with those expected by the RAAVE™ modelling.

The RAAVE™ analyses start by establishling the market relationship between Brand Affinity (RAAVE™ Score) and Share of Wallet. In Figure 2 this is shown by the blue curved line.

If “Brand X” was at point A on this chart then its current Share of Wallet would be higher than the market average for its current level of Brand Affinity. Consequently, over time, its Share of Wallet can be expected to sink down to the market average unless it takes steps to improve its Brand Affinity.

Undertaking a marketing programme to address any specific deficiencies identified by each of the RAAVE™ drivers (as per Figure 1, for example), will result in short-, medium-, and long-term gains in average Share of Wallet and Market Share. The short- and medium-term gains are often visible and can be measured either directly from pre- & post-comparisons or via econometric modelling. This would be measurable by the brand’s performance being seen to move from, e.g., point A to point B.

The final long-term impacts (point C) are then predicted by using the market relationship between Share of Wallet and Brand Affinity. In due course the long-term gains will also become visible but as that can take several years, the data-driven market-level relationship between Share of Wallet and Brand Affinity (like the one shown in Figure 2 above) provides a reliable guide to the ultimate outcome. It works because the market relationship represents the returns that have actually been achieved in your market from the many years of previous marketing investments made by the various brands within it, and that makes it highly informative and useful benchmarking data.

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