Spin, Spin and Selling News

If you look at the news headlines today you would be forgiven for thinking that we really were in the biggest recession since the 1930’s.

For example the BBC web site has:

"Retail sales growth almost stalled in February as consumers cut back on spending, official figures show."

The reality, however, is that retail sales are 0.4% UP versus the "boom" period before the crash in 2008.

I am only a simple guy, but to me if sales are at a peak and then they go EVEN HIGHER then that is hardly cause for a wake.

Sure, they are ONLY 0.4% higher BUT they are HIGHER not LOWER.

We know we are in tough economic times.

We know we are having to "mend and make do".

The official stats just keep confirming all the views Schezzer has been writing here since in December.

So Schezzer’s advice to everyone is – watch out for the media (the "repeaters" as some people call them).

Just look at the facts and make your own mind up.

The journo’s have rating points and sales to keep up and this clouds their reporting of the facts.

Unfortunately they do have an influence on people’s decisions and in the current circumstances that influence is unjustified.

Ignore them. Look at the facts. The future will be as we have described it before.