Strategic Brand Management

You may have seen that a new book on creating strategic brand engagement, by author John Fisher, was reviewed in the April 2014 edition of Marketing magazine.

The three key things that will determine your success, which reviewer Peter Filton of the Walt Disney Company said were in the new book, were:

What you deliver
– How you communicate it
– What people think of you at the end

All so very true!

Elements of achieving this, as the reviewer highlighted, included things such as ‘staying nimble enough to deliver in ways that make it easier for customers to buy from you’ and to illustrate this he quoted an example of launching the Disney Channel in Germany where they used an mobile simulcast app that allowed fans to watch the channel on the move and not just on the TV.

Other similar examples and aspects of each of the three principles above are also quoted and hence the book would appear to offer sound advice on good brand management practice.

One thing that strikes me in reading all this though – the degree of endorsement this all gives to RedRoute’s five driver model of marketing effectiveness. These five drivers really epitomise many of the points made in Fisher’s book:

Relevancy (i.e. what you deliver – and the need to “find a catalyst”)
– Identification (i.e. your image and the need to “have consistency across your brand”)
– Accessibility (i.e. “make it easy for the customer to use you”)
– Value (i.e. “if you offer equal value, it is their heart that makes the decision”)
– Confidence (i.e. “deliver what you promise – it determines what people think of you later”)

In fact, the book could be re-written as a case study in why the RedRoute ENP model is the best way to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing budget.

To find out more about the RedRoute ENP (Effective Net Preference) model, just click this link to visit the Insights page of our web site. And buy John Fisher’s book of course!