The Art of Event Measurement

Link to the live discussion

Recently I had the pleasure of being a panellist on the panel ‘The Art of Event Measurement’. During this panel Graeme Coombes, Tom Lovegrove and I discussed how to measure ROI on event measurement, for a client. ROI cannot always be measured in terms of money. Knowing how to measure ROI, and being able to show this to a client can improve loyalty, and therefore strengthen a business, and is thus a key element to any marketing company.

In the video we also discuss the effect of GDPR- and how this will protect a company and consequently make their experience with you better. Furthermore, we talk about the future of data science, how to collect this data (e.g. collecting data as a natural by-product of an event) and how this data should be influenced by the desired outcomes of an event (e.g. quality of the event vs size of the event).

Additionally, we discuss possibilities to make the events themselves better, for example training exhibitioners, finding the route objective for the event and ensuring to deliver against spend. By ensuring the events and the feedback produced by these events are of high quality it will ensure loyalty of customers, improve the reputation of a company and therefore improve business.

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