What we do

RedRoute is a Marketing Effectiveness agency providing synergistic consultancy, market research and data science services that enable companies to get the highest levels of sales from their marketing budgets at the maximum levels of profit.

Our services enable our clients to meld continuous streams of data into usable metrics that enable them to keep their goods and services aligned with market needs; ensure barriers to usage are minimised; their image and reputation remains of the highest order; they offer the best value for money versus the competition; and that the customer and consumer are delighted with the result.

In short, we help our clients to win in the marketplace more times than their competitors.

Key Services and Example Clients

Our five key areas of work and the types of companies that we provide these services is shown below.

To find out more about the nature of each of the services, please click the links to get brief descriptions and do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss them further.

Strategic sales projections and scenarios


Measures “what really matters” to plot your trajectory

Measuring the drivers of brand choice and Experiential ROI


Magnifies your brand values to create competitive advantage

Customer segmentation and propensity modelling


Understands your customers like a “best friend” would

Optimising media budget size, mix and timing, and brand allocation


Solves the complexity of media choices

Optimising price & promotions strategy and management


Reveals the power of pricing and promotions

Professional endorsements and affiliations