Magnifies your brand values to deliver competitive edge

Controlling Brand Preference

A tracking service with a single aim: to predict the future usage of your brand. Proven in the marketplace for over 15 years, it is available in two versions: one focussed on Customer Experience for managing “Net Promoter Score” and the other on Brand Perceptions for managing “Brand Equity”. It maximises your marketing effectiveness by enabling you to measure and maximise marketing ROI without complex statistical models and, in the case of NPS, unambiguously establishing the link between your NPS score and your actual business performance.

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AIME: What is it?

A Brand Experience measurement methodology that tracks consumers’ experience of your brand and predicts their future loyalty.

AIME identifies your key brand values and enables you to optimise your investment to drive brand preference and loyalty.

If you have an existing tracker we can adapt it to deliver AIME – enhancing your brand understanding within its competitive environment and saving you money.

AIME allows you to…

  • Forecast your future long term brand share performance
  • Identify the prioritised strategies and actions needed to achieve your sales & profit targets
  • Underpin and strengthen your brand plans with hard evidence

AIME: How it works

We use RedRoute’s Effective Net Preference (ENP©) methodology to combine willingness to buy with ability to buy.

AIME measures the 5 key drivers of consumer preference – relevancy, brand identification, accessibility, value and confidence – telling you what matters most to your consumers.

The drivers are broken down into key aspects of your business. This allows you to make targeted operational changes – and then monitor the impact.

AIME benchmarks your brand against the competition and is a powerful tool to assess changing market preferences and the reasons behind those changes.

AIME enables you to make informed proactive rather than reactive decisions.
Many clients already have the data, but it can be further leveraged to fully understand and strengthen the drivers of consumer preference.

Real results

AIME modelling and recommendations resulted in a new media campaign and messaging for a large UK retailer. The improved brand preference delivered c.£18m per year in extra sales.

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