Measures “what really matters” to plot your trajectory

Strategic Sales Forecasting

Using online “What if…?” models to develop marketing plans you know will win, with the ability to flex those plans mid-flight to stay on-course. Applies knowledge gleaned from your research, analyses and modelling to optimise the allocation of resources and maximise sales & ROI. Based on our services to leading airports, FMCG companies and retailers, provides particular benefit in markets where external factors (exchange rates, real income, taxation, etc) are highly influential, making it critical to react in a timely, positive and confident way to respond to change and protect your ‘at risk’ revenues.

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GlidePath: What is it?

A deep dive into your data delivering a comprehensive understanding of your growth drivers and the factors that are constraining your potential.

A strategic planning tool that enables you to forecast your profits and generate confidence behind your marketing investment.

This enables you to conduct “What if…?” analysis ensuring you have the right strategies and robust plans.

GlidePath: How it works

We work as partners to discover the value in your current data.

We use data analytics and econometric modelling to identify and measure the drivers that affect your sales – including macro, marketing, operational and one-off factors. We then quantify their relative importance.

Based on these measured relationships we can accurately predict your business trajectory.

Strategic options are developed to mitigate risks and take advantage of your business strengths and opportunities.

Monitoring, evaluating and learning informs your future strategy.
Finally we develop “What if…?” tools that will enable you to run your own scenarios and sensitivities.

Real results

Glidepath’s marketing mix recommendations enabled a European consumer goods manufacturer to increase market share by 4 share points equating to €14m per annum in sales value.

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