Understanding your customers like a best friend would

CRM Segmentation & Messaging

Maximising response and customer loyalty by tailoring your marketing communications to match the aspirations and motivations of your customers, forging deeper and longer-lasting connections than you can with transactional data alone. Digital technologies enable you to uncover individual needs rapidly and continuously but conversion and repeat business come by responding to those needs in ways and language that reflects the customer’s attitudes and aspirations. Forms the lead part of our full ‘Customer Value Management’ proposition and our modelling of customer-specific and digital data and is based on our work for leading durable, supermarket, telco, energy and travel companies.

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OPIUM: What is it?

A customer segmentation methodology that:

  • Identifies the circumstances and motivations that influence how a customer sees your brand and service
  • Understands how well your current offer meets the needs of different customers relative to competitors
  • Defines what you need to do to become your customer’s “best friend”
  • Enables you to put in place the optimal 1-to-1 customer marketing strategy to drive value – building sales, differentiation and increasing loyalty

OPIUM: How it works

Your existing customer transactional data already tells you who your customers are, what they buy, and how much they spend. We add to this Usage & Attitude (U&A) data on their needs, attitudes and circumstances to tell you why – so you know what makes differing types of customers choose differing brands or services on differing usage occasions.

That knowledge is then used to increase the effectiveness of your 1-to-1 marketing programmes.

By segmenting customers according to their differing motivations for using your brand or service (‘Persona Groups’), we can rank them by their likelihood to respond, enabling you to get the maximum return from your marketing budget by targeting the most likely respondents with messages and offers that best meet their needs & preferences.

The result: greater engagement with the customer, greater loyalty and greater ROI.

Real results

OPIUM improved targeting of the 1-to-1 marketing programme for a multi-billion £ DIY retailer. Sales increased by +£34m within a year.

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