Case Study

We helped a global automotive brand measure the impact on the brand and the ROI of experiential activity.

Client situation

  • Yearly presence at the Brussels Motor Show
  • Investment 10% of the yearly marketing budget
  • While the brands presence at the BMS generates a significant number of sales leads, few of these convert into actual sales – 3% conversion


  • Highly competitive market dominated by German three
  • High  pressure on SOV coupled with aggressive market share growth targets
  • Short term activation vs Brand Building balance risk of erosion of Brand Equity

Key question:

Should we invest in the BMS? What is the ROI of this activity?
How can we optimise overall spend?

What we did

  • IPM experiential methodology to measure Brand Affinity and Behavioural Metrics like Share of Usage and Willingness to Recommend Pre and Post event
  • Measured reach: active, exposed, informed and amplified via Word of Mouth, PR, Media Reach
  • Based on the analysis of the survey results and the the modelling of the data we calculated the short, medium and long term ROI


Quantified impact on behaviours (e.g. Test Drive volumes) and market share from shifts in key attitudes.

Hence gave management capability and confidence to decide on the strategic marketing investment priorities for the future.

BMS established as a brand building activity as it affects Brand Equity metrics across the funnel especially for non customers.

Hence can help drive market share.

Next steps

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