How we do it

How big is your database?

Do you have millions of customers and millions of transactions every day? No problem.

Does all your data fit on a spreadsheet? No problem.

Whatever size your database is we are able to support you

We use industry-standard statistical analysis software platforms that have been tried and tested over many years (such as SAS, SPSS, WPS and others) and we are adept at combining disparate data sources – in fact, it is one of our strengths.

We are not systems-provider dependent and the databases we build combine whatever data is needed (and from wherever it sits) in order to understand customer attitudes and behaviours. We are interested in measuring the user’s engagement with your brand across five key dimensions as shown below and we create an insight database that enables us to model how that engagement relates to actual transactional behaviour.

We then have the expertise and the analytical products to mine that data effectively – including mining analogue data such as pictures, Tweets and videos – to understand what the users of your goods and services are thinking and what they might be looking for next.

The result is a recommendation on your best course of action and the ability to simulate the impact of alternative marketing decisions you might take. So you can be wise before the event, not after it.

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Motivational Science – the ability to predict the likely returns from your marketing budget

We use data from all the sources you have available – both internal and external – to provide you with a full understanding of all the factors that are influencing buyer decision-making and quantify their relative importance so you can see the implications for your future sales performance.

This includes all the Rational and Emotional considerations that lead someone to decide whether to choose your brand today, tomorrow or forever more thereafter. These drivers are captured in one word – RAAVE® – and it summarises the five key drivers that enable us to reliably predict brand choice and loyalty. This fully predictive framework is shown below: