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Media Budget Size & Allocation

How best to allocate the marketing budget across all media channels – both off-line and on-line – so as to maximise response and uncover the highest number of people with needs you can satisfy. How to coordinate your off-line advertising spend with your PPC spend to maximise clickthroughs; and how to optimise reach and multi-channel frequency to best trigger enquiries and sales. Based on our work in sectors from supermarket shopping to supersonic travel, the service enables you to achieve the highest levels of sales and ROI from your overall communications budget.

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OMEGA: What is it?

A service that works out how to increase the profitability of your marketing communications investment – without increasing your budget.

By identifying the effectiveness of each part of your marketing spend (and how they interact with each other) we optimise your spend across channels, geographies and brands.

We also provide a planning tool that enables you to take control of optimising your future marketing spend.

OMEGA: How it works

Combining your data and our econometric modelling we isolate the impact your ad campaigns have on sales.

Using advanced econometric modelling that solves simultaneous equations, we assess the impact each part of the media mix has on sales, including media channel, timing and location considerations.

From this we can accurately predict the sales uplift from a given media schedule.

We develop recommendations on best media channels to use and in which combination.

We deliver a planning tool which allows you to evaluate the sales effects of differing media schedules. The tool guides you on how to improve the schedules to produce more sales from the same budget, and use the results to maximise your ROI.

Real results

OMEGA recently delivered for a major airport operator a £3m sales benefit through an improved allocation of the existing media budget. This represented a 30% increase in the sales generated by the marketing budget. Typically a 15-25% efficiency from media budgets is achievable.

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