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Optimal Pricing Strategy & Tactics

Find the right balance between the benefits you give and the price you get to maximise your revenue and profitability. Based on many years of research & analysis for leading consumer goods, retailing and service providers around the world in both B2C and B2B sectors, it optimises price position, promotional spend and perceived value to enable you to achieve your targets. The techniques also form part of the globally-recognised Diploma programmes run by the Institute of Promotional Marketing and the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising.

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PRISM: What is it?

A total pricing approach that defines the pricing and promotional strategies to exceed your company sales and profit targets.

We deliver:

  • An optimised consumer and competitive price positioning strategy for your brand or portfolio
  • A promotional evaluation tool that enables you to maximise the ROI on your promotional spend
  • A pricing and promotional Knowledge Base giving confidence in your pricing decisions and negotiations with retailers, distributors and suppliers
  • A commercial roadmap for continued pricing effectiveness

PRISM: How it works

We help you define your pricing ambition and objectives. We capture the facts – mapping your market in terms of volumes sold by price points to define your profit pool and measure your supply and demand curves.

At a product level we identify what happens to demand when you change prices. Then develop with you a Commercial Roadmap to deliver your pricing ambition.

Using the market mapping and elasticities we Price Position your portfolio for maximum profit.

We deliver tools (eg Pricing Template, Promotional Evaluation tool, Portfolio Planning Tool) that enable you to adapt to change, react quickly to competitor moves and continue to maximise profits.

PRISM establishes the process for measuring, learning and informing your pricing and promotional strategies.

Real results

PRISM identified a £13m per annum profit opportunity from optimising pricing across the portfolio of a leading UK branded wine company. Typical gains of 10% of sales value are very achievable.

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