How to be happier

Our brain is constantly rewriting memories- therefore trying new things, going out of our comfort zones and developing ourselves as best we can, will help us to expand on memories. Bad memories are suddenly seen from a new perspective and become more positive; our already happy memories grow in their importance and significance to how we view ourselves as today. All experiences and memories make us who we are today, so it is important to look back on the past positively to help us develop as a person.

It’s also important not to rely on our brain to rewrite these memories. Addressing painful memories in which you have felt hurt or lied to can be painful. However, by facing them directly, and even the people who caused them can help you deal with the memories and the pain associated with them. By doing this the memories become less painful, and less significant to you, allowing you to give greater significance to positive parts in your life.

It is of great significance to create new memories. It is important to live for today, ensuring that all the new things you bring into your life help you develop into a more positive person. Trying to live without expectation for tomorrow can help benefit when that day comes as there is no opportunity for disappointment. It is important to remember that life is a journey, not a race. Making time to laugh, have fun and sleep in your day ensures that your needs are fulfilled. A lack of sleep makes you more vulnerable to negative emotions as it is harder to rationalise all the different ideas following through you day. Therefore enough time should always be put aside to rest and rejuvenate.

Remember that everyone has their own problems, and whenever you struggle you are not alone, or weaker than those around you. It is not a weakness to feel pain, or to be apprehensive to trust others because of the people who have lied to you in the past. But, we should use these memories to grow. By taking a negative memory and focusing on the positive can help us to have a whole new positive outlook on life. For example, do not let ignorant, rude people in life bring down your mood, but appreciate the positive things they have provided, for friends you would never have met without them.

When you focus on your problems you have more problems. When you focus on your possibilities you have more opportunities.

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